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  • Manage and sell your music on digital platafforms.
  • Distribute On Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and +79.
  • Monetize and manage Your Music career.
  • Delivery 24hrs, Super fast shipping.
  • Support Online 24/7

Why Choose Fivesound


Create releases

Fivesound advanced catalogue manager. Manage every aspect of your release.

Setup Deliveries

Deliver contents with ease. Have full control Over what contents goes where

Artist Page

Fivesound advanced catalogue manager. Manage every aspect of your release.

Collect Payments

We send you a periodic royalties statament. We give you access to a Royalties dashboard with all statistics on your sales and pay thruwire Transfer/paypal.

Major music services

Release your music on all major streaming platforms, music stores and social media.


We Provide Digital Services

FiveSound we provide a series of digital services, we will detail each of these below!

A powerful self-management platform with marketing, promotion and business intelligence tools that puts you in complete control
about the distribution process.

Digital Distribution

FiveSound is a user-friendly platform that gives you advanced distribution options to manage and distribute your audio or video catalog.

Artist Page

At Fivesound you get a personalized Page for each artist!

Sell ​​your brand, sell your image, Artist Pages Fivesound


Royalty panel, easy and detailed of your royalties obtained by digital platforms.

Super fast payments!

Promotion and Marketing

Promote your distributed content, Landing Page, Pre Save, Smart Link and more promotion tools.

Choose Your Level


Label Pro

Super Start

Music distribution

Some of the most frequently asked questions by our creators!

Sign up with your email address and follow the instructions on your Fivesound Dashboard to start creating a new version.

You will need your audio in WAV or MP3 format, as well as illustrations with specifications of 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG file and RGB color format. Follow the links below for more details on how to properly format audio and illustrations.

If you are a new user, you can try Fivesound free for 15 days and release unlimited music to hundreds of platforms around the world, including Spotify, Apple Music, VEVO, Deezer, Amazon TikTok and more.

Fivesound, delivers 100% of royalties received by digital platforms, both in their payment plans and the free plan!

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To view your sales and royalty earnings data, simply log into your Fivesound account, and go to the dashboard section.

Sales are reported monthly or quarterly. We receive iTunes sales reports 55 days after the end of a month. For example, January sales will be reported around March 25. Other stores may take 3-4 months to report.

We update your sales the moment we receive the data, and you can request your money as soon as it is available.

Your music can be posted to Spotify within 3 business days using our Express Delivery service;

however, we generally recommend that you allow up to 3 weeks for all stores to activate.